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why mondays are for motivation

I woke up from a very interrupted sleep this morning feeling exhausted and ready to curl back up under the covers. And I could have.

Except I’ve been learning over this past year that the intention for our day is often determined by the first things we do in the morning. There are countless articles written that substantiate this and I found it to be true in my own life…whenever I get up early and cross off my daily to do’s, I have a much more positive outlook on the day than when I sleep in. The rest of the day I feel like I’m struggling to play catch up.

I believe the same is true for Mondays. Since we typically see Monday as the start of the work week, Mondays are meant for starting our week out on the right foot. Mondays are a fresh start, a do over, our chance to “eat that frog,” and cross off tasks that help move us forward with energy and excitement. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is get the Monday motivation post up for my group of ladies who are working on their fitness and nutrition goals.

So, today, despite feeling tired, I crawled out of bed, completed a few quick tasks on my phone, pulled on my workout clothes and headed downstairs to face my workout…30 minutes of (inner groan) total body cardio. It wasn’t the most stellar workout and included lots of modification, but I gave it my best effort for the energy I had and got. it. done. And knowing that I got it done immediately brought a sense of accomplishment. Something that would otherwise have been missing from my day.

But how do you determine those linchpin tasks from all the other random ones that you ultimately have to face as well?

I like to encourage my clients to start by picking 3-5 items…tasks that, if didn’t get done, would leave them feeling like something was missing for their day or, if they procrastinate on, feel like it throws their entire day off. For me, that’s spending time with God, working out, eating breakfast and getting dressed.

I would love to hear what yours are (comment below) or if you’re struggling to figure that out, set up a flash consultation call with me to gain clarity and begin taking immediate action.

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