when you’re running on empty

I think there are times when the busyness of life takes us by surprise as we look back and realize that we weren’t just running. We were running on empty.

It’s been like that for me lately, so instead of continuing to run on fumes, I’m ready to take a step back a get refreshed. Since complete rest seems out of the question with the end of the school year activities and a mission trip to Panama coming up, God gave me the idea instead look for moments in each day to mark as a mini personal retreat with Him.

Because for us to fully flourish in our lives, we need that live wire connection to Him. I can eat the best foods and workout to the best fitness programs and try to get all the sleep I think I need, but if my spirit is not being nurtured, those things will only take me so far and a holy dissatisfaction with what I’m doing will remain.

I wonder if this is something you could use too? Yes?

Then join me for your own month-long personal mini-retreat for May! When you sign up here, I’ll send you the five simple practices I’m putting in place for the month. You may do some or all of them or even come up with your own because, really, it’s between you and God, but there’s something special in knowing others are coming along for the quiet adventure too.

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